We at Mughamarat Adventures are deeply rooted with our surroundings and nature, and promote social consciousness at our company, and with our clients. We therefore urge all our customers and visitors to follow a few simple guidelines when visiting our Base Camp:

  1. SAY NO TO TRASH! If you wouldn’t like it in your house, don’t leave it in nature’s backyard.
  2. Give back to nature by keeping the desert clean. We encourage clients to take time out with us to pick up any stray rubbish you may see – not only to leave the area clean, but to also help you stay more connected with your surroundings.
    We will be working with a number of schools in the UAE to organize environmental awareness desert clean-up drives.
  3. The desert is home to a varied species of wildlife. Just as you’d like visitors to respect your home, please respect the natural desert habitat. Do not interfere with any wildlife, or damage any property within or outside the compound of the Base Camp.​
  4. Majority of our Base Camp is created using environment friendly material, which does not affect the natural habitat and helps give you an authentic nature experience, while keeping our environmental footprint at a minimum.

To know more about our guidance and how we at Mughamarat Adventures are staying environment friendly, please consult with one of our specialists.