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paraglide \ˈper-ə-ˌglīd, ˈpa-rə-

Merriam-Webster definition:
The recreational sport of soaring from a slope or a cliff using a modified parachute.

What paragliding really is, courtesy Real Expeditions:
An unparalleled adventure allowing you to soar to new heights with a bird’s eye view of nature; providing you with the freedom to disconnect, reflect and relax.

At Real Expeditions, we offer not just services, but tailor-made packages to give adventurers and adrenaline enthusiasts something a little more than just the everyday cookie-cutter packages that are offered by most companies. True to our name, we stay ‘real’ with our clients; offering them authentic adventures amidst the untainted beauty of the Mleiha desert.

What you can expect

Our bespoke tandem paragliding adventure is your only solution to truly package how it is to glide over the desert like a bird, and is complete with a winching system. What does this mean? Thanks to our winching system and with the help of our highly packaged and qualified instructor, enthusiasts no longer need to wait for ideal wind speeds and direction or even higher altitudes.

How does it work? Since safety of our clients is always at the top of our agenda, our instructor starts by providing guidance for a safe, hassle-free and optimal take-off. Your gear is then checked, before your harness is attached to our instructor’s, and then as the jeep with the winch starts inching away from your spot, the adrenaline starts kicking it – it’s finally time to soar! Once you’re in the air, our instructor completely takes over – hereon you are to only enjoy the peaceful serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the city and your everyday life. What’s more, we even send you GoPro footage of your adventure as a keepsake in a few day’s time!

It is important to note that we only offer paragliding, and not parasailing services. The latter involves being towed by a winch attached to a boat, with the take-off point being from the shore, and your flight experience commencing above the sea (not land).

Optimizing your experience

The ideal take-off time for our tandem paragliding flights with winching are:

  • Morning hours after sunrise
  • Afternoon hours before sunset

Tandem paragliding like any airborne sport is subject to the weather and wind conditions. The most ideal conditions are usually observed in the morning hours, and can support flights of up to 350-400 meters in height. However, as we keep our clients’ safety first, in case our instructors deem the weather or wind conditions to be less than ideal on or prior to the date of your scheduled flight, this may be rescheduled.

The winching location is a 60-minute drive from Dubai or Sharjah city. All tandem paragliding flights are carried out 7 days a week; however, prior booking is mandatory.

If you are interested in taking your Paragliding Adventure further and learn to become a pilot yourself, Real Expeditions also offers basic Paragliding Training courses over 10-12 sessions.

Booking your adventure

*Emirates ID cardholders get a 35% discount on producing their original ID (chargeable discounted fees: AED 390 per person).

Flight duration: each tandem flight lasts for an average of 5-15 minutes, subject to wind conditions.

For inquires, please contact us.

Conditions: Fees are non-refundable once your booking is confirmed. No-show will result in a forfeiture of any pre-paid fees. Once agreed on; we do not entertain re-negotiation of fees at the venue. You are expected to wear appropriate attire. Please avoid wearing loose clothing or objects that would likely obstruct the experience. Sports shoes are recommended, and flip flops or sandals should be avoided. Women are requested to please tie their hair. Paragliding is a sport that highly depends on wind speed and direction. Safety is always our first priority. We are not responsible for any cancellation of sessions due to weather conditions. Such sessions will be rescheduled to a later mutually agreed upon date. If we find a client to be in violation of our policies or conditions, Real Expeditions reserves the rights to cease services for the aforementioned client.