What you can expect

Course duration: 10-12 sessions (depending on the proficiency of the student)

Equipment: To be provided by us for the training. We do not rent equipment, so on successful completion of the training, students will need to purchase their own equipment. Refer to equipment prices listed below.

Lesson Schedules: To be decided based on weather conditions

Location: Mleiha desert – high altitude launches at 200-300 meters amidst the Fossil Rock Mountain in Sharjah

The most ideal time for paragliding in the UAE is from October until May. However, training sessions take place throughout the year.

6500 AED
per person

Total training fee

The learning curve

Total of 12 sessions

  • šStudents receive ground training during the first 2 sessions
  • šFirst exam (on-ground):
    Trainer evaluates pull-up and turning skills. Students are required to perform the pre-flight checks and packing
  • šThe following 8 sessions include practicing first low-altitude and then higher-altitude take-offs.
  • šSecond, final exam (on-hill):
    Students are to take-off and land without any assistance from the instructor, with wind speeds not exceeding 15 km/h

Topics covered

  • Preparatory procedures
  • Ground handling during strong winds (especially in desert conditions)
  • Two methods for take-off
  • Landing
  • Safety precautions
  • Safety regulations on-hill
  • Theoretical training for:
    • Emergency situations
    • Basic soaring
  • Packing and maintenance

Paramotor conversion

Paramotor training is not included in the 12-session basic course. It can however be purchased for an additional fee after completion of our basic paragliding training.

2000 AED
per person

Paramotor conversion course fee

  • The conversion course consists of 4 sessions
  • Students are required to bring their own equipment including the wing, harness, paramotor, etc.

Purchasing your own flight equipment

If you are interested in purchasing your own flight equipment, we can provide you with high quality products from industry-leading brands. Approximate prices are as follows:

Things to keep in mind...

Additional conditions

  • šThe training fee is non-refundable on commencement of the course.
  • šIn case a student does not attend the course for more than 2 months, he/she will be required to restart the course from the beginning. This involves an additional full payment for the new course.
  • šIn case a student is unable to pass the exam after completion of the 12 sessions, additional sessions can be provided. These will be chargeable at a discounted rate of 250 AED per session.
  • šStudents are expected to wear appropriate attire, and avoid wearing loose clothing or objects that would likely obstruct the training.

NOTE: Paragliding is a sport that highly depends on wind speed and direction. Safety is always our first priority. We are not responsible for any cancellation of sessions due to weather conditions. Such sessions will be rescheduled to a later, mutually agreed upon date.