Ride into the nature’s cradle

Horses are evidenced to have been domesticated to support mankind from as early back as 4200 BC, on rides to hunt food, or even win wars. Over the years, horseback riding has taken various shapes ranging a means of survival, a necessary mode of transport, a sport, and the most authentic way to appreciate nature trails.

At Real Expeditions, we offer you an opportunity to experience the ‘real’ Middle Eastern nature trails untainted by the comfort of city life, through our rugged, half-day horseback riding adventure. Saddle up for a morning or afternoon 4-hour Mleiha horseback riding expedition with our professional instructor to explore the beauty of the Arabian nature trail – from the expansive and serene desert to the rocky mountains complete with untouched wildlife.

Are you ready to ride off into the wild?

What you can expect

If you’re looking for a standard 45-minute one-size-fits-all experience – this is not the one for you.

Our horseback riding adventure is tailor-made from the get-go – from understanding if you’re a novice or professional horseback rider and selecting a beautiful horse to complement your abilities; to customizing the trail as per our understanding of your requirements. Be warned though; if you’re expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter; this package is not for you. True to our name, we aim at providing enthusiasts with ‘real expeditions’; so, get ready to rough it up as you go off the beaten track.

The expeditions starts with refreshing juices at Real Expeditions’ campsite to keep your energy going through the exhilarating events for the day. Here, our highly qualified instructor also provides you with a brief introduction and safety guidance, taking time to understand your specific requirements. From here – the ‘real adventure’ begins. Our instructor settles you into your saddle to take off on the trail for a 2-hour journey first through the beautiful desert with its share of history courtesy the Fossil Rock, and then through the scenic trails of Jebel Faya where you’ll be sure to encounter the natural wildlife, and develop an appreciation for the varied desert environment

You then reach the resting point where you can enjoy the peaceful serenity of nature as you lightly feast on authentic local snacks and beverages. After a quick 30-minute rest, we then head back to the campsite on a 1-hour journey exploring a new trail; bidding adieu to the beautiful landscape of Jebel Faya. What’s more, we even send you GoPro footage of your adventure as a keepsake in a few days’ time!

Our bespoke Horseback Riding expeditions

At Real Expeditions, we understand that everyone has a different degree of affinity to adventure. We have therefore created three types of custom packages to suit varied tastes. We do not accommodate more than 6 people per group to ensure that we provide utmost attention to detail, and don’t dilute your adventure in any way.

Half Day Horseback Riding adventure

Spanning 4 hours, this includes refreshing juices, the desert and Jebel Faya treks, a leisurely resting point with quick bites, and a scenic journey back to the campsite.

Horseback Riding adventure including an Overnight Stay (1 night, 2 days)

Not ready to say goodbye to the peaceful sounds of Mleiha’s nature and the clear desert skies? If you’d like to take your evening to the next level, opt for this package. Going beyond the half-day adventure, we provide you with your own enclave at our campsite.

Round off the nature trail with a real Bedouin dinner around the campfire back at our campsite. You can then enjoy local folk music in the background while you chat under the clear starlight night with your friends, family, or new acquaintances in your group before you retire to your spacious authentic tents for a good night’s rest. Wake up in the morning to the sounds of nature, and enjoy a light breakfast and a cuppa before heading out to your homes and back to reality.


Wake up in the morning to the sounds of nature, and enjoy a light breakfast and a cuppa before heading out to your homes and back to reality.


Exclusive Horseback Riding Adventure

Want to enjoy privacy? We can tailor-make a package limited to just you and a select few of your friends and family, taking care of every detail – even renting out the whole campsite for just your group. Speak to our specialist for future details.

Your horseback riding expedition like any sport is subject to your own personal health conditions. Please make sure to disclose any medical conditions or ailments you may have at the time of booking itself, so our specialists can best advise you, and make arrangements to suit your needs. As our clients’ health and safety always comes first, we may in rare occasions, reschedule the event in in case our instructors deem the weather or wind conditions, providing you with prior notice.

The campsite is the meeting point, and is located within the Mleiha Archaeological Centre campus at a 60-minute drive from Dubai or Sharjah city. All horseback riding adventures are carried out 7 days a week, however, prior booking is mandatory.

Horseback riding: Booking your expedition

  • 1 Night, 2 Days Horseback Riding Adventure

    Includes pick-up and drop-off, a REX Adventurer kit, resting point stop off with authentic snack, Bedouin dinner with live cooking station, folk music performance, tent accommodation, breakfast and GoPro video.

  • Half Day Horseback Riding Adventure

    Includes resting point stop off with authentic snacks, a REX Adventurer kit and GoPro video.

  • Exclusive Horseback Riding Adventure

    Price on Consultation with our specialist.

*Emirates ID cardholders get a 20% discount on producing their original ID. A minimum booking of four people per group is required for confirmation.

It is important to note that children below 12 years of age will not be allowed for the half-day horseback riding nature trail adventure. If you wish to undertake the package and are with a child under the age of 12 years, we can customize it for you as suitable for the whole family.