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The first few images that come to the minds of most expat travelers or residents to the UAE are the comforts the country offers them - from luxurious resort stays to limousine rides and doorstep deliveries of the most exotic and unusual products. But long before the UAE we know of today came into existence - the region was built on rich history, the Bedouin heritage and the entrepreneurial culture of seasoned adventure enthusiasts and dreamers alike.

Real Expeditions brings these very adventures through to those of you who are looking to get the 'real Middle Eastern' experience. Get out of your comfort zone to explore the untainted Al Faya desert on horseback or a 'fat bike' through a natural trail, paraglide and soar above the expansive Mleiha landscape, and spend a night with us under the serene desert sky. Learn how to scavenge and rough it out in the wild with our survival training adventures. Get a taste of going back to basics, while exploring the very land and environment where history was made.

Tandem Paragliding

Feel what it’s like to take flight over the beautiful desert of Mleiha while our professional Pilots take care of the handling. Fly as High as 400 meters into the morning sky.

Paragliding Training

Paragliding Training: Enjoyed your tandem flight with us? Loved the control over where and how high you go? Sign up for our Paragliding Training course and become a pilot yourself!

Horseback Riding Expedition

Take a go at the transport that’s been in use for over 5000 years! Discover the untouched nature trails embedded in the heart of Mleiha on horses for a truly authentic Middle Eastern experience with our expert instructor, and enjoy the scenic views of rocky mountains to serene deserts.

Desert Cycling Adventure

Get your heart beating faster and adrenaline pumping harder with our desert cycling adventure. Ride the multi-purpose “fat bike” through the desert and down the trails. Be warned, this one is for those hungry for adventure!

Authentic Desert Adventures

Join us for more than just a few hours to really get a taste of what it’s all about with our authentic 2 and 3-day desert adventures. Get ready to go through survival training to test yourself, riding horses through the flowing sand of the desert and soaring like a falcon in the skies of Mleiha. Feel the nostalgia with authentic folk music and Bedouin dinner.

Survival Training

Learn to survive on scarce resources under the desert sun with our professional instructors, as they teach you the ins and outs of survival in a tough climate. Are you ready to challenge yourself?




*We work on all holidays
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